Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to participate in MyCards™  What do I do now?
    Ask for permission from your principal, then call (800) 208-8900 and tell us when you’d like to teach the MyCards™ lesson.  We’ll schedule press time accordingly and ship you a customized press kit.
  2. How much will it cost me to participate?
    Nothing!  There is absolutely no cost to your school.
  3. How long will it take to teach the lesson?
    Two to three 40 minute class periods. Here is a suggested time line:
    Day 1: Teach the lesson. Students choose an idea and sketch their designs.
    Day 2: Work on designs/finish designs.
    Day 3: Finish designs. Send home completed designs in the order envelopes provided. Collect orders the next class period.
  4. Do parents get to see their child’s design before ordering?
    Yes. You will send home the completed card design inside the MyCards order envelope.
  5. What can I do for the students who do not order cards?
    You may like to trim the design from the template and mount it on construction paper to be displayed on the wall, given as a gift, or used as a large original card.
  6. Do I have to tally orders and count money?
    No. Parents write checks to MyCards. You simply send us the designs and sealed order envelopes.
  7. How do you calculate the profit to my art program?
    You profit $3 for each box of cards ordered.
    Ex. If your students order a total of 200 boxes, you will receive a check payable to your art program fund for $600.
  8. Will student artwork be returned?
    Yes; with the card order.
  9. What is the turnaround time to receive our cards and profit check?
    Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your cards and profit check.
  10. May I have cards made of my own design?
    Yes. Your press kit even includes a gift certificate for the art teacher so your first box is free.