YES, I’m interested! What is the MyCards™ process? 

  1. Check with your principal for permission to participate in MyCards™
    Have your principal visit There is no cost to your school.
  2. Call (800) 208-8900 & tell us when you would like to teach the MyCards™ lesson.
    We’ll schedule press time accordingly and ship you a customized press kit.
  3. Receive your free press kit & teach the MyCards™ lesson.
    We supply a standards based lesson plan and card templates to insure high quality cards.
  4. Send home & collect the completed design templates inside the order envelopes provided.
    We supply parent notes & order forms so parents can buy boxes of their child’s card design.
  5. Ship designs to MyCards for publication.
    We supply the shipping box and a prepaid return shipping label.
  6. Distribute card boxes to proud students & deposit our donation to your art department.
    Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your cards and profit check.

Your customized press kit makes the MyCards™ project easy on you.