Download and print support materials here.

MyCards Design Templates
Use this file to print additional templates if you run short in your press kit.  Print them on white paper.

MyCards Late Order Prepaid Mailing Label
Follow the instructions in this pdf to print and affix a prepaid mailing label for your additional late orders.  If you have more than one order, place them all inside of 1 large manila envelope and use 1 label.

MyCards Spanish Order Forms
Use this file to print order forms for Spanish speaking parents.  You may tape them to the front of the envelopes (no staples, please) or insert them into the order envelopes with the artwork.

MyCards Variety Box Order Form
Create your own MyCards variety box!  Minimum order of 2 identical variety boxes required.

Pay for Returned Checks
Parents may pay for returned checks here to avoid being sent to collections.

Pay Invoice
Pay an outstanding invoice with a credit card.